Desember 18, 2011

It's so Meaningful

'Hey' a word that might make some people are not meaningful. But realize you guys? from a small word of love can grow. Well, this is the beginning of everything. The beginning of love, friendship and all relationships. This fact is not, I myself would also feel.

A beautiful story in the past created from these words, friendships that know absolutely nothing. Haha it's funny, friendship is not in the real world. Our friendship is stored whether or not a pair of best friends. There never was a memorable introduction, but everything seemed normal perhaps even more meaningful.
We talk every day, discussing a topic or sometimes a lot that we never planned it. Everything went well and we enjoy it. Conversation at any time and every time it is only us who understand. Until one day there is something that looks different, it feels boring. Either on the basis of what I say. Me and him are friends for a long time, and we already know each other. Never before like this, so I will feel weird.
And the answer to all the weirdness that I and he felt was "LOVE"

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